About Us

MEGABYTE DATA Ltd was established in 2020, by experienced education marketing professionals.

With 25+ years of expertise, we have become a leading provider of schools databases.

We're located in London, UK, and from our office, we serve our clients with our database services.

Our attention to detail has gained us many clients, including: Office Equipment, Printers, Technology and Training companies.

We're experts in providing targeted primary and secondary schools databases, for effective education marketing campaigns.

We also provide a full range of Further / Higher Education databases, including: Sixth Form Colleges, Adult Education and Universities.

And with our researchers on hand, we keep our education database targeted and up-to-date.

We take the time to fully understand your data requirements, so you can be certain that we'll provide you with the right teaching contacts.

All new enquiries are answered the same day, and we don't charge for production or delivery, so the prices you see have no hidden costs.

Before you buy a schools database from us, a detailed count and samples will be sent to you.

Our schools database covers over 50+ different subjects, and contains named Teachers, Education Management and Academics.

About UsAbout Us