frequently Asked questions


What format does the database come in?

The databases we compile are provided in either Excel or CSV format. We also provide pre-printed mailing labels for postal marketing or research campaigns.


How is the database delivered?

The data is usually delivered via email, and we can also provide the information on a CD-ROM.


What details are contained within the database?

The database is provided with Name, Job Role, Organisation Name + Postal Address as standard, and we also provide Telephone Numbers and direct Email Addresses for telemarketing and email marketing campaigns.


How do you keep the database clean?

The information on file is fully researched and validated using a number of different channels. We use a number of research methods to update the contact details, including Telephone updates, Email campaign reports and by also using newsletter subscription information.


How do you comply with GDPR?

As a database marketing company, we take data protection and GDPR very seriously. We are registered with the Information Commissioners Officer (ICO) under reference 8888888, and you can view our GDPR statement and Legitimate Interest Assessment (LIA) using the highlighted links. All of our databases fully comply with GDPR and ICO data protection regulations, as all notified changes get processed within 30 days in order to keep the data in line with regulations. We also have live opt-out and bounce files that we use to exclude emails that are no longer valid. At the point of data collection, each contact is informed of the usage purpose of their contact information, and all current subscribers have access to an online dashboard to update and remove details as necessary.


What is your ICO Data Protection number?

Our ICO data protection number is ZA721960, and our Data Protection Officer can be contacted by email:


Are the databases screened against the MPS/TPS?

Yes, all postal addresses and telephone numbers are screened against the mailing/telephone preference services to exclude organisations that do not wish to be contacted via these channels. We screen our main file every 7 days, and each data order is screened before delivery for the latest updates.


How is the database information collected?

The contact data we process is gathered using a number of different methods, including telephone research, media/publications, subscriptions and also feeds from various Public Sector organisations. We also work with a number of research companies to ensure that all the latest personnel changes within the public sector are made available at the earliest possible opportunity.


How much do the databases cost?

The data we provide is priced at a per 1,000 contact rate, depending on the usage and details provided with discounts for large volumes. We also provide list cleaning and email marketing services and the prices for all of our services, and offers can be found via our public sector webpage.


How many times can I use the database?

Our databases can be used on a single- or multi-use basis, and different price options are available for the different types of usage.


What other services do you provide?

Along with our database marketing information, we also provide value-added services, including market research, email design and broadcasting, database cleaning and printed mailing labels.


How do you take payment?

We take payment in a number of ways including BACS, online card payment, telephone card payment and also by cheque posted to our registered office address.


Do you give any guarantees with the data and services you provide?

Yes, we provide a 95% delivery guarantee on all the databases we provide with money back for any returned post or failed telephone numbers, and we also give extra data for any hard bounced emails. And as part of our customer buying experience, we also aim to provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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