Primary Schools Database

With access to over 750K+ Named Primary School contacts, including 650K+ Direct Emails we have all the database information needed to carry out a targeted primary schools marketing campaign.

We have all the usual Primary Schools Database selections available, including by school type, region & size plus enhanced data selections by age range, gender, special attributes and religion.

Our Primary Schools Database is provided with direct contact details, including Name, Job Role, School Name, Address + Telephone number, and we also provide managed primary school email broadcasts directly to the named contacts on file.

Using our Primary Schools Database, you gain access to over 50+ Subjects / Departments.

The breakdowns below are a job role overview of the contacts held within our Primary Schools Database and a selection of some of the Heads of Department and Teaching contacts available.

Primary Schools by Job Role

Head / Principal - 24,069 inc. 21,437 emails
Exec Head/Associate
- 5,897 inc. 4,618 emails
Deputy Head 
- 18,761 inc. 17,159 emails
Assistant Head 
- 16,923 inc. 14,863 emails
Business / Bursar 
- 16,246 inc. 15,587 emails
Head of Finance 
- 7,791 inc. 6,214 emails
Chair of Governors 
- 11,214 inc. 11,013 emails
Head of Dept 
- 655,723 inc. 577,175 emails

Heads of Department / Teaching Staff

Art / Craft - 17,391 inc. 15,016 emails
Assessment - 11,321 inc. 9,754 emails
Citizenship - 16,393 inc. 14,998 emails
Safeguarding - 18,568 inc. 18,097 emails
Drama / Arts - 15,716 inc. 12,711 emails
English - 18,241 inc. 17,344 emails
Internet Safety - 9,879 inc. 9,517 emails
Family Liaison - 9,187 inc. 7,625 emails

Click to download a Primary Schools Overview containing counts on job function and department.

You can also download a file of Primary School Samples showing the format and layout of the data we provide.

As part of our Education Marketing services, we also provide email broadcasting to parents of school age children 5-16 years old.

And with our specialist knowledge in providing Primary Schools Databases, we can also assist in answering any marketing questions that you may have.

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